The Flux RapidFire is the closest thing we've ever made to a no nonsense, discretion free, price action based trading system for traders that want to get in and out of the market quickly, make their daily goal within a few hours a day, and be finished. RAPIDFIRE is a semi-automatic trading system. You set it up on the market you want to trade, tell it what direction you want the signal to trade in - what ATM you want your order to trigger, and let go of the keyboard to let the system trade. 

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The Flux RAPID FIRE was developed in collaboration with Flux Pro-Staffer Bob Swierczynski, a Flux Customer who "turned the corner" after purchasing the Flux Professional software and building a trading plan around our veteran Flux Trainer Ron Gardner's popular "Game On Breakout Trade".

What makes the RAPID FIRE special?


FIRST: It's designed to find "pockets of profit" that the Institutions are leaving behind for us. Think of them as "crumbs" that fall off of the table. The tools we've designed are designed to find the points where popular futures markets like Crude, the emini Russell, Gold, and the Dax are "weightless". A point where everyone stops, and breathes, before the market is "pushed" again. It's a hybrid trade - a cross between a pullback trade, and a breakout trade - and we scalp it over and over again.

SECOND: It's designed to get your emotions out of the way. It's one step short of fully automated. We don't believe fully automatic systems work for most traders, and the tools of the RAPID FIRE let you tell the computer WHEN to trade, and the program takes over from there. One button to click, and the trading system takes over, trade after trade.

THIRD:  It's programmed to work during the early several morning hours of the New York exchanges. Trade 3-4 hours a morning - and be done until the next day. We've learned that the longer you sit in front of the computer, the more likely you are to lose the profits that you made, so RAPID FIRE gets you in, gets you out, and gets you free to do other things in your life besides sitting in front of a PC.

We meet Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday every week - and show live signals to anyone who wants to watch. If you'd like to see this for yourself, and watch the actual model, live with commentary, then sign up to receive more information!