These are people that I trust, and that our customers and clients trust as much as us. We don't recommend anyone unless we've known them long enough to have gone through their programs and verify what they are teaching. I hope you take a moment to visit with each of them and determine for yourself if they can be a resource to you as they have been to others in our family of clients.


We love NinjaTrader. They allow us the opportunity to get people free charting, with free data - immediately. There are too many features to mention in a paragraph, quite honestly. NinjaTrader was the first platform that the Flux was developed on - and it continues to outshine other platforms in functionality across the board of Flux tools. We can program almost anything we want using NinjaTrader, and the Flux has the freedom to grow and become what it has because of Ninja's commitment to development and upgrades. Learn more about NinjaTrader


Advanced Traders Workshop and BTTFT have been working together since October of 2010, when we received a phone call from veteran trainers and traders Jerry Simmons and Andy Carlsen. ATW clients had been getting back to them left and right about the synergy between the Flux tools and the concepts and models taught in the Advanced Trading Workshop Courses. By combining the extremely accurate price support/resistance levels with the volume spread analysis methodologies - both together with the Flux TURN TIMES, ATW clients had developed highly profitable trade setups that were accurate to the minute. The Flux Times, together with the price and volume levels brought the three axes together for them in a way they couldn't have predicted - and we haven't stopped running since then.

Our most recent synergies are related to the ATW's Sniper Scalping system. After several weeks of observation we noticed an eerie correlation between the SSS signals, and the Flux signals - most notably, the Flux Broadhead. Combining these two setups together resulted in the Flux GEMINI setup, which increased the profitability 15% overall than either of the two models by themselves.


MTPredictor is our oldest vendor partnership, and one we are most proud to talk about. Steve Griffiths is an industry legend known throughout Europe and the world for his integrity and commitment to sound trading principles and indicators. Steve started hearing back from his customers about the Flux turning times, and how they were lining up with the MTPredictor Elliot Wave entries, and contacted us to see if he could learn more about the techniques we were using. When Steve started looking at how the FLUX turning times were lining up with MTPredictor's decision points, he was immediately convinced that the real time price signals could be adequately paired together to help traders confidently take the trades. What makes the FLUX MTP match so unique is the ability of MTP to help traders asses the risk and reward before entering a trade - while the FLUX helps traders understand how much time is available for them to achieve their profits. It's much easier to sit and wait for a large extended target to be hit when the FLUX tells you that there is 62 minutes left before the trend reverses. Tie in the fact that Steve's software tells you where your stops and targets are - customized trade by trade - and you have a pretty stellar foundation.

This partnership is extremely valuable to us. Working with Steve and his clients and having their trust says a lot about as a company, and cherish that relationship over any industry award or review.

Our customers receive special offers on their site. Follow this link to purchase their products at a special rate:

MTPredictor RT add-ons for NinjaTrader 7



I've known Abdel from as long as anyone in this industry. In fact - we started our two companies around the exact same time. We've gone through the same challenges with two completely different methodologies. But we have more in common than we have differences. Abdel and I are both trained in the same school of trading discipline - the "Mark Douglas 'Trading in the Zone' " school of trading. Abdel's consistent profits and trading systems span a wide range of markets - from stocks and options thru Forex and futures - but are all based on his adherence to trading your plan with patience and discipline and emotional control. I don't know many people in the trading industry that take these concepts as seriously as he does, or spouts them as frequently and with as much sincerity and zeal as he does. I respect Abdel as a trader, having watched him trade live with his own accounts for years as a private trader and fund manager. There is simply no better source for learning more about Fibonnacci trading - recognizing the most profitable setups consistently - and then understanding how to trade them in the real world. What I think I love most about RatioTrading is the timelessness of the setups. The patterns Abdel teaches his students to recognize are not only "self fulfilling prophecies" so much as they are, in my opinion, deeply embedded human behavioral codes that appear in the market. They are internal "market DNA" revealed when you put enough traders in a room together.

I don't think there's a trader in the world that wouldn't benefit from any of his products or lessons. I continue to learn from him, and recognize high probability setups that he taught me and other close friends of mine 3 and 4 years ago.


Mirus Futures is a futures broker that we’ve worked with that is as committed to providing trader’s education as anyone we’ve ever come up against. They provide extremely competitive quotes and back up our customers with excellent customer service. Anyone that takes care of our clients as well as they do warrants that we stop and mention them here in our partner area. If you’re working with another broker, and suspect there might be a better alternative – we think you should give them a call, talk to one of their customer support representatives and check out NinjaTraderpowered by Zen-Fire. You can also visit their constantly expanding trader’s resources at TRADERKINGDOM.COM.


Optimus Trading Group
Optimus Trading Group is a leading online futures broker offering Rithmic connectivity, which services both institutional and retail customers from the same servers, and the advanced trading platform from Ninja Trader. Optimus is dedicated to low latency execution, unfiltered data and discount commissions. Back to the Future Trading customers will get expedited processing to establish their accounts with, offering the speed and stability of Ninja Trader powered by Rithmic’s raw unfiltered data for the most complete trading experience - A Fast, Solid Trading Solution Driven by Low Latency Data. To learn more, please send an email or call them at: 561-367-8686 / Toll Free 800-771-6748 and ask for Matt Zimberg.