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Ninjatrader Indicators - finding entries to trade

Trading Insights
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One question we get asked a lot - especially from our NinjaTrader indicators customers - is "how do we enter the market?" In 2013, we started developing a series of entry indicators that allowed people to have a sense of when the market was about to press higher or lower, leveraging Price Action - but always in the context of our leading time indicators. If you saw one of the Flux NinjaTrader indicators telling us to watch for a move up or down at a certain time, you could reference one of the Trigger Pack indicators to confirm that the move was actually occurring. Take for example this combination of indicators...the EMA Slope Color, the Hair Trigger, and the Volume Vacuum:

Flux Ninjatrader indicators

With this setup and template, the chart shows Hair Trigger entries - to be taken with the direction of the trend. The Volume Vacuum confirms the entry, by indicating an accumulation of volume (buying) prior to the signal. This intuitively tells us that people are loading up or hoarding contracts prior to the explosion upwards - with the explosion definitively defined by the Hair Trigger plot (which occurs on bar close). This training video helps describe how that would look with a 10 tick target and stop (although it would easily scale up to other time frames and instruments)...if you're familiar with stock Ninjatrader indicators, you'll see the power of these tools immediately...

If you don't have the EMA Slope Color indicator (a free NinjaTrader indicator, you can click here to get the NinjaTrader Unplugged templates and indicators.

For more information about the Flux Hair Trigger confirmation entry package, you can visit the descriptions on the Trigger Pack page.

To download the template we're using to watch on a Crude 5Range chart, go here.

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