Flux Inversion

6-21-2016 7-08-43 PM

One of the most complicated and advanced concepts to master in the Flux ecosystem, is the concept of understanding when a market has "inverted", or gone in the opposite direction to what was predicted by the Flux POWERZONE trend histogram indicator.

Over the years, Flux Trainer and Live Trader Ron Gardner developed a series of mechanical rules designed to assist traders in understanding when the market was in an inverted condition, and in what direction to take trades based on those very specific rules. Many traders - especially new customers to the Flux had a difficult time with implementing those written instructions in real time, and so we set about determining if we could program them into a single indicator.

This one indicator takes the five years of observations made by Ron, and the many written mechanical rules, and fully automates them for a "no-think" implementation the most basic of users can deploy.

 To watch the full demonstration of this powerful tool, please DOWNLOAD the video to your PC using this Dropbox link:

$995.00  USD One Time Purchase